Donate Today

Help Rainbow Boogie's Success!

To the members and friends of the “Rainbow Skydivers.”

We come to you today to help move the organization forward and secure the long term viability of future Rainbow Boogies. We greatly appreciate the participation of Rainbow Skydivers at events and need to increase our support by having all who feel the Rainbow Boogie has its place in the GLBT and skydiving communities to be counted as supporters. For this to happen we are soliciting a contribution from you to show your support for the Rainbow Boogie. Our hopes are for the Rainbow Boogie to be financially sound to improve the event activities and respond to participants’ numerous suggestions. As opposed to typical registration fees, a suggested donation of $25 would go a long way to finance Boogie promotion costs, assist with load organization costs, and other direct costs.

Please know that we are committed in making your generous contributions work towards many successful Rainbow Boogies.

If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact us.  Thank you for considering our request, and blue skies!

Your donation makes a big difference.